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The main DTS website (www.dts.edu) was recently updated. Here's a guide to a few of the changes we've made.


  • Popup boxes with main DTS information, degree overviews, and application information
  • Featured videos list with the best stories and chapels
  • Streamlined menus, news, and events for easier navigation
DTS Homepage

Admissions (Become a Student)

  • Videos that introduce DTS and its programs
  • Large vibrant picture rotator showing the latest information on degrees and campus visits
  • Popup information and navigation just like the homepage
DTS Admissions

Video player

  • Larger video watching area than we've ever had
  • More items in the similar, recent, and popular videos list
  • The media area will continue to expand in the coming months
DTS Video

About DTS

  • Popups showing what makes DTS a one-of-a-kind seminary
  • Updated history and stats about DTS
  • Access to profiles and videos about students an alumni.
About DTS

These are just a few of the changes to the site. We hope you find it easier to navigate and more pleasant to look at. Please contact us if you have any comments or feedback. We'd love to hear from you.