In recent months, several DTS professors have launched new or updated blogs.

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Daniel B. Wallace
Professor of New Testament Studies

Dr. Wallace often writes for Credo House Ministries, but he has also started his own personal website and blog in which he discusses issues related to New Testament theology and criticism.

Michael J. Svigel
Assistant professor of Theological Studies

Dr. Svigel's new book RetroChristianity: Reclaiming the Forgotten Faith just came out this month, and he has updated his site to reflect with several resources including a free study guide for his book.

Paul Pettit
Director of Placement, Adjunct Professor in Pastoral Ministries and Spiritual Formation

Dr. Pettit moved the blog for his Dynamic Dads ministry to a new home on where he posts about issues related to being a godly father. 

Abraham Kuruvilla
Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries

Dr. Kuruvilla (who is a doctor two times over) recently updated his website where he posts about his two professions – homiletics and dermatology. Hint: be sure to look at his images very closely.

Sandra Glahn
Adjunct Professor in Christian Education and Pastoral Ministries

Prof. Glahn, a long time blogger on subjects like contraception, adult stem cell research, and end-of-life issues, continues her writing at Aspire2 and's Tapestry blog.