The Evangelical Press Association is a professional association of some 300 Christian magazines, newsletters, newspapers and content-rich websites from throughout North America. The 2012 Higher Goals Awards were presented at EPA's annual convention, held in Colorado Springs May 9-11, 2012. This contest honors the best work done by EPA publications during the calendar year 2011. In the "Critical Review" category, an article by DTS professor Daniel B. Wallace took first place honors:

First Place: Christian Research Journal for “An Example of Modern-Day Deception” — Daniel B. Wallace

Second Place: Enrichment Journal for “The Grand Design: Truth or Fiction? ” — William Lane Craig, author; George P. Wood, executive editor; Rick Knoth, managing editor

Third Place: The Banner for “The Hunger Games: Not Just Child's Play” — Kristy Quist, author and Tuned In editor, Frank Gutbrod, graphic design; Pete Euwema, graphic design; Dean Heetderks, art director

Fourth Place: Comment Magazine for “Views and Worldviews” — Alissa Wilkinson

Fifth Place: Mutuality for “Movie Review: Sherwood Baptist Church's Courageous” — Jenny Rae Armstrong, author; Megan Greulich, editor; Mimi Haddad, president/publisher