The Global Proclamation Academy (GPA) commenced again this June but was not the same as in years past. This year the graduates came back to Dallas for a strategic ten-day reunion in order to launch the next phase of a human capital campaign to connect, unite, strengthen large numbers of pastors to fulfill Christ’s Commission between 2010 and 2020.

The GPA, is a ministry of RREACH founded by Dr. Ramesh Richard, Professor of Pastoral Ministries and Global Theological Engagement at DTS. The GPA program is designed to help young leading pastors from around the world connect and be strengthened through “biblical spirituality, theological discernment, and effective proclamation.” The concept was birthed over 5 years ago from a need to connect and strengthen leading pastors, especially of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

With Dallas Theological Seminary having served as the host campus for the past five years, the GPA has trained 122 graduates from 59 countries, all of whom have returned to their native countries and have “multiplied their training with other pastors.” The GPA now aims to further the ministry of multiplication by equipping these pastors to facilitate GPAs in their own countries. RREACH strives to reach 100,000 pastors by 2020 and one billion individuals by 2030, fulfilling its mission to change the way one billion individuals think and hear about the Lord Jesus Christ.