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The Call to Care

God is raising up worshippers across the planet. Here’s a sampling of how members of the DTS family are caring for those made in His image. Each person mentioned here represents about 1,000 alumni.


Young-Ho serves as the English ministry pastor to Koreans at a church in London, Ontario. Since most of the congregation is young, he is also ministering to the students’ parents, the “invisible congregation.”


Two men, Jacques and Wawa, came as friends from Haiti to DTS and chose their majors intentionally—one in the Old Testament and the other in the New Testament. Now they’re seminary professors together in Port-au-Prince where they also head a training program for lay leaders. Jacques pastors a church 90 miles outside the city and is translating the Bible into Creole. Wawa takes students to the countryside where they teach and preach.


Carlos came to DTS not knowing how to prepare a simple Bible study. Now he leads a Latino congregation while serving as the Spanish broadcast voice of DTS’s chancellor, Charles Swindoll. Listeners hear Carlos’s messages in fourteen countries across Latin America.


Ditmar, son of German missionaries, and Maura, a Brazilian national, both grew up in Brazil. After high school Maura went to the United States and Ditmar to Germany. They met at DTS, married, and now serve in São Paulo, Brazil, to help churches become healthy, equipped, and spiritually reproductive.


Nico, an Argentinan national, serves with a team of pastors based in La Plata. Together they founded a Bible institute where Nico teaches. With a passion for missions, he is also the short-term mission trip coordinator for a U.S. church partnering with his local ministry.


A husband-and-wife alumni team, both engineers by trade, have returned to Meath County, Ireland, as church planters.


When Udo was seven, his father was killed in Nigeria’s civil war. As a bitter boy, he gained a reputation for fighting, always carrying a piece of broken bottle and a pocket knife. Then someone shared Christ with him. Today Udo pastors a church, leads a Bible school, and holds national pastors’ conferences in the same neighborhood where he was known as a thug.

Another graduate trains pastors and women leaders throughout West Africa. Last year in the midst of civil war, he organized numerous training conferences in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast. His work includes a ministry that donates bicycles and Bibles to help pastors travel and teach.

South Africa

Leani, an architect, partners with a U.S.-funded non-governmental organization to improve the infrastructure of HIV/AIDS clinics in her hometown. She also has aided in building and upgrading rural clinics throughout South Africa. In addition she works with a ministry founded by a graduate from Rwanda to offer job training to genocide survivors and rehabilitated child-soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Middle East

Following her theological training, Nino and her physician husband, Tim, are heading to the United Arab Emirates where a hospital is waiting for Tim to design and run an ophthalmology program. They will also serve there in a ministry office of an organization. Meanwhile Nino has been traveling to her home in the Democratic Republic of Georgia to serve with various ministries in Tbilisi.


Rajesh in Chhattisgarh, India, oversees the care of orphan children housed in eight homes. Another alumnus in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India, teaches at a training college and shares the gospel with remote villagers. On a recent trip he covered 58 villages, and both Hindus and Muslims—including an imam—responded to Christ.


A key figure in a significant province is currently taking classes in the online Chinese program. This individual oversees many counselors in the earthquake-affected area’s
largest region.


Through their Jesus for Cebu evangelistic ministry, Robert and Roma are effectively reaching their community for Christ and seeing large numbers of people come to the Lord. The Boswells and their team are also pioneering mass evangelism training events that teach nationals how to share their faith, and they have begun to organize and equip a massive missions movement of Filipino migrant workers into the majority world.

Compiled by Jenny McGill (MA/CM, 2002), who directs the International Office at
DTS and has ministered in the U.S., Argentina, France, England, Russia, and Spain.

Jenny McGill
Jenny McGill directed the International Office at Dallas Seminary from May 2004–May 2014 and has led intercultural seminars with Global Arena since 2012. Since August 2014, she currently serves as Regional Dean of Northern Indiana for Indiana Wesleyan University. In 2006, she received a Fulbright award for the International Education Administrator Program to Germany and the Czech Republic. Travel for volunteer work, study, and research has taken her to thirty countries on six continents. Follow her at www.jennymcgill.com and Twitter @drjennymcgill.
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