God’s Answer for Disappointment

God's Practical Answers to Our Daily Problems
  1. God's Answer to Knowing His Will
  2. God's Answer for Worry
  3. God's Answer for Materialism
  4. God's Answer for Irritability
  5. God's Answer for Loneliness
  6. God's Answer for Suffering
  7. God's Answer for Disappointment
  8. God's Answer to Pressure
  9. God's Answer to Monotony
  10. God's Peace in Perplexing Circumstances
  11. God's Answer for Resentment
  12. God's Answer to Inferiority
  13. God's Answer for Discouragement
  14. God's Answer for Doubt
  15. God's Answer to Living for Christ in the Business World
  16. God's Answer to Guilt
J. Dwight Pentecost
Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost taught for 58 years at Dallas Theological Seminary. “Dr. P,” as he was affectionately known on the DTS campus, began his time at the seminary in 1937 as the one hundredth student at the then twelve-year-old school. From 1958 through 1973, Dr. P served concurrently as a DTS professor and senior pastor of Grace Bible Church in North Dallas. As he completed his doctorate in theology, the seminary’s president at the time, Dr. John F. Walvoord, invited Dr. P to join the DTS faculty, where he served until his death.
Oct 26, 2015
Stanley D. ToussaintStanley D. Toussaint
Oct 26, 2015
Stanley D. ToussaintStanley D. Toussaint