Who Is Jesus Christ?

The Life of Christ by J. Dwight Pentecost
  1. Jesus' Ministry in Judea
  2. Jesus and Divorce
  3. The Infancy of Jesus
  4. Preparation for the Passover
  5. Lessons for the Twelve
  6. Jesus' Triumphal Entry
  7. The Preparation for the Birth of Jesus
  8. The Day of Controversy
  9. The Olivet Discourse
  10. The Good Shepherd
  11. New Revelation to the Apostles
  12. The Parables of the Kingdom, Part 2
  13. Conflict with the Leaders
  14. Instruction of the Disciples
  15. Warning Concerning Pharisaism
  16. The Religious Trials
  17. Two Miracles of Jesus
  18. Jesus' Authority Demonstrated by Miracles
  19. Jesus Ministry in Galilee
  20. Love Demonstrated
  21. The Lord Prays
  22. Post Resurrection Appearances
  23. Challenges by the Leaders
  24. The Burial of Christ
  25. Examples of Faith in Jesus
  26. Rejection by the Leaders
  27. Prophecy of His Death and Preview of His Second Coming
  28. The Parables of the Kingdom, Part 1
  29. Reception in Galilee
  30. The Crucifixion
  31. The Basis of Acceptance by God
  32. The Civil Trial, Part 2
  33. Jesus' Ministry to the Twelve
  34. Jesus' Ministry in Galilee
  35. The Resurrection of Christ
  36. Who Is Jesus Christ?
  37. The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus
  38. The Restoration of Lazarus
  39. Instructions Concerning the Love of God for Sinners
  40. The Sabbath Controversy
  41. The Civil Trial, Part 1
  42. The Sermon on the Mount
  43. The Ministry of John
  44. Conflict at the Feast of Tabernacles
Oct 26, 2015
Stanley D. ToussaintStanley D. Toussaint
Oct 26, 2015
Stanley D. ToussaintStanley D. Toussaint