Before You Quit — When Ministry Is Not What You Thought

If serving God is so wonderful, why are today's leaders exiting the ministry in droves? If serving God is so rewarding, why is everyone else's church growing?

Ministry is wonderful when there's encouragement and appreciation. Serving God is rewarding when the congregation is spiritually hungry and ready to change.

Ministry is not so nice when disappointment, heartache, and even tears destroy your spiritual equilibrium. You are battered and close to beaten. You long to taste the thrill of spiritual victory in your ministry, but instead are all too familiar with the agony of defeat. What do you do when you want to walk away, throw in the towel, even give up the ministry ghost?

Beleaguered servants of God need Blaine Allen's heartfelt insights and Scripture's biblical principles as they come face to face with some of the toughest issues of ministry -confrontation, gossip, critics, and burnout-and seek to make a decision based on sound thinking and the Holy Spirit's leading.

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