Curing The Heart: A Model for Biblical Counseling

This book is really a text book for anyone involved or interested in Christian counseling. Both the authors teach the subject at a theological seminary in the States. Their influences include Jay Adams, a leading Christian psychologist and Francis Schaeffer. Section 1 helps to make a case for a different style of counseling, based on the Bible and on Christian principles. Only a Biblical framework can explain the quot;why?quot; of human behaviour. The approach is therefore holistic as it tackles the heart of the human problem the problem of the human heart. Section 2 gives background as well as practical guidelines to those interested in becoming Christian Counselors. Section 3 outlines the Counseling Process and give practical worksheets and guidelines for helping someone out of their situation. This model of psychology is very much more prescriptive than anything in secular counselling or in many Christian circles but the authors are consistent in their approach and they have been teaching the material for many years. There are good appendices to aid the reader.

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