The Energy of Encouragement: How Affirmation Can Lift You and Everyone Around You

What would you do if you had the ability to positively impact someones day, someones week, someones life, someones destiny? Would you seize the opportunity to do so or would you even recognize the opportunity if it came your way? Each of us has the ability to touch someone else in a significant way, but many of us are either too preoccupied, too intimidated or feel too underappreciated to reach out to others. Too often employers forget to thank their workers, principals overlook the hard work of their teachers, parents highlight their childrens failures but forget to praise their successes and neighbors go out to their driveways and pick up their papers without taking the time to say, Good morning to their neighbor. We encounter people every day, in one form or another, yet too often we do not take the time to give them a little part of us. We forget to send a note of thanks for the gifts we receive. We do not send flowers to the coworker whose mother just passed away. Learn how you can encourage others in your daily activities. No one is so busy that he or she cannot be a blessing to someone else. Life becomes more fulfilling when you live it with an attitude of giving. When you take the time to value people you become enriched yourself. When you encourage people you too become uplifted. When you strengthen people you become stronger. When you forgive others you experience freedom and peace. Begin to assess how you can become an energizing encourager through your words, actions and affirmation. Discover the endless possibilities of living your life in a giving way. Allow yourself to receive as you give kindness and understanding, care and concern, love and forgiveness, to friends and strangers alike.

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