The Separation of Church & State: Has America Lost Its Moral Compass

• The author provides a historical and sociological analysis of America's most sacred, political ideas and shows that they grew out of specific beliefs within the religious community.
• Strehle is a Professor of Religion at St. Leo University and holds doctoral degrees in theology from Dallas Seminary and the Universität of Basel.
• Strehle is also a noted Reformation scholar with a number of books and articles to his credit.

The Separation of Church and State: Has America Lost its Moral Compass? challenges the notion that one can divorce religion from politics. The author contends that inalienable rights grew out of the western religious tradition of natural law, egalitarianism out of the universal scope of the Christian Gospel; democracy out of the polity of Puritan congregations; capitalism out of the Protestant work ethic. From a philosophical point of view, it is impossible to separate religious and political ideals. Human beings cannot live in self-sufficient autonomy; God is over all, in all, and through all.

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