The Stranger of Galilee: Despised and rejected by mankind, yet he blessed history for all time

Who really is Jesus? Why has He captured the attention of the world for more than 2000 years? Why is all history divided between the time before He came to Earth and the time after? How does He relate to the walls of hostility erected by combative nations, clans, tribes and families? How does He respond to the questions of the curious and the insults of those who hate Him? How does He deal with the antagonistic religious establishment? How does He solve the personal problems of a despised outcast woman, a hopelessly paralyzed man, a blind man and a grieving family? How does He endure the cruel ordeal of unfounded accusation, rejection by those He loves, illegal trial, brutal beating and torturous execution? The answers to these questions, found in this book, will inspire, guide and encourage all who tread the uncertain pathways of Earth, seeking a higher purpose and a better life.

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