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Article Specifications

Length: Up to 2,000-word maximum (please do not submit articles that exceed this limit). We prefer 1,500-word pieces.

Article submissions should be emailed to rwroten@dts.edu with an attachment in MS Word. In your email please include your mailing address, daytime phone number, and your relationship to DTS. Please attach the first draft of your article as a single-spaced Word document with one empty line between paragraphs and no indenting. Keep the formatting simple. Use Times New Roman font, 12 point. Please add section headings every three to five paragraphs.

An accepted manuscript does not guarantee publication. All submissions are received on speculation. Please allow four weeks for response.

When submitting an article that we’ve requested, please attach a high-definition, current, color photograph of yourself and a two-sentence author description and your Twitter handle (optional). Articles should be typed, single-spaced with social security number and word count in the upper right corner of the first page of the manuscript. If your article has already appeared elsewhere, please say so.


  1. DTS Magazine conforms to the style set forth in the Chicago Manual of Style.
  2. Please follow DTS’s style guide.
  3. Articles should be single-spaced with margins of one inch at the top, bottom, and sides. We accept listicle articles.
  4. All articles are subject to editorial revision.
  5. We use Scripture references from the NIV Bible. Authors may cite other Bible versions where they prefer different renderings. In such cases include the abbreviation of the version in parentheses after each reference (e.g., NKJV).
  6. In your email, please include a statement with the submitted article, warranting that the writing is your original work. We do not accept work that has been crafted by a ghostwriter. Be sure to properly credit any material you quote from another’s work within the article.
  7. Please do not quote verses from popular hymns or end the article with poetry. Check your work to make sure you use strong verbs, active voice, and few negations. Use only one space after a period, and use en-dashes instead of hyphens in Bible verses (e.g., 1 Cor 1:4–6).

If we decide to publish your piece, it will be edited carefully, given a header image, and perhaps a different title and subheadings than you suggested in the initial draft. We will spread the article via our social media channels.


It is best to email your idea for an article to the editor before writing or sending your manuscript.

For the print magazine, please keep in mind we start to assemble the magazine at least six months before distribution; therefore, for the summer issue, articles need to be submitted by January, fall articles by March, and spring articles by the previous July. Because of this required lead time, it is virtually impossible to run articles directly related to specific news events (e.g., shootings, tsunamis, terrorist attacks). We want articles that explore timeless truths. For more on the types of articles we publish in the print magazine, please read DTS Magazine‘s vision statement.

For online articles, please allow four to six weeks for publication.


To answer a few of the most common questions: We do not include advertisements or promotional images to draw attention to conferences or an author’s book(s). We do display a headshot and short bio of the author, with appropriate links to resources (two max). We also create an author page for you on the site that includes a headshot, Twitter handle, and links to any content you’ve written at our site.

Payment for Articles

Currently we pay $150 for reprints and for online articles. We pay up to $500 for first rights to well-edited, original articles that fall within the correct word count for the print magazine. When we excerpt material from books, payment is negotiated with the publisher.

Fine Print

If we publish your article on our website, you can re-purpose the material as a future article on another site or in a book project. Here’s our publishing agreement:

By publishing at voice.dts.edu, you grant us the exclusive right for this content for one week following publication. After the one week expires, we retain a non-exclusive right to host the content in perpetuity, and you (the author) retain the copyright and the freedom to re-publish the content elsewhere, with the request that it be noted the article first appeared at voice.dts.edu (and hyperlinked).


Ready to take the next step?

You can set up a meeting to discuss the kind of article you would like to write or submit a short article query (100 words). You can also email the first draft of your article to Raquel Wroten (rwroten@dts.edu).

Once you have submitted the article, please note, we will get back to you within two to four weeks. Thank you for taking the first step in partnering with us as we strive to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of his Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide.

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