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Houston Chapel
Nov 10, 2018
Ekpedeme WadeEkpedeme Wade
Communion with the Marginalized Dr. Ekpedeme Wade, adjunct professor of Biblical Counseling, teaches that following in Jesus's footsteps means having communion with each other, especially the marginalized.
Spiritual Life
Jan 30, 2018
Louie GiglioLouie Giglio
The Faithfulness of Worship Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Conference in Atlanta, GA, shares, during Evening Chapel, about the role of worship in the lives of believers and as the trigger of God's glory...
Spiritual Life
Dec 7, 2017
Linda M. MartenLinda M. MartenMichelle WoodyMichelle WoodyW. Hall HarrisW. Hall Harris
A Discussion on Mental Health Students and faculty members at DTS discuss mental health and its effect on believers in addition to its relationship with the church.
Jan 13, 2010
Charles R. SwindollCharles R. Swindoll
Loosening the Grip of Discouragement Chancellor of Dallas Seminary and senior pastor of Stonebriar Community Church, Dr. Chuck Swindoll reminds us through Elijah, that we should not lose sight of God in the midst of...
Apr 22, 2008
Kaho Jim
Keys to Renewable Joy Mr. Kaho Jim outlines how we can have renewable joy in our ministry marathon by adopting several principles found in Philippians 1.
Apr 8, 2008
Charles R. SwindollCharles R. Swindoll
The Theme of Depression Dr. Chuck Swindoll, Chancellor of Dallas Seminary and Senior Pastor Stonebriar Community Church, reminds us of the many and varied Biblical lives that have been touched and even...
Mar 1, 2008
Love: God Cares for the Smallest of Us Do you ever feel insignificant? A look at Psalm 8 reveals God’s thoughts about His Creation—and your place in it.
Mar 27, 2007
Tommy NelsonTommy Nelson
A Christian Looks at Depression Pastor Tommy Nelson, Senior Pastor of Denton Bible Church, shares his experience of depression.
Feb 15, 2005
Tommy NelsonTommy Nelson
A Descent Into Depression Join us as Tommy Nelson, senior pastor of Denton Bible Church, speaks about how Elijah hit the bottom.