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Apr 2, 2009
J. Lee JagersJ. Lee Jagers
How to Apologize Lee Jagers, adjunct professor in Biblical Counseling and Director of DTS's Counseling Services, discusses how to apologize. He reads from Proverbs 28:1 and encourages us to have...
Jan 15, 2009
Stanley D. ToussaintStanley D. Toussaint
Hypocrisy Stanley Toussaint, senior professor emeritus of Bible Exposition and adjunct professor in Bible Exposition, discusses the issue of hypocrisy. He explains why hypocrisy was...
Mar 1, 2008
Christopher Thompson
Trading Places A dark cell. Rancid food. Angry guards. In this fictional story a prisoner longs for home, and is shocked by his sentence.
Dec 11, 2007
Célestin MusekuraCélestin Musekura
Celestin Offers Forgiveness to Rwanda Celestin Musekura offers a a ministry of reconciliation to war-torn Rwanda.
Dec 1, 2007
Célestin MusekuraCélestin Musekura
Oh, What a Savior! Celestin Musekura (PhD, 2007) talks about how God saved him from a life of worshiping ancestors to worshiping the Savior. Today he and his wife invite others across East and...
Sep 28, 2007
Billy BeachamBilly Beacham
Avoiding the Sin that Destroys Ministries Youth Ministry Week: Mr. Billy Beecham, President and Founder of Student Discipleship Ministries, offers four weapons against the sin that threatens believers and their ministries.
Sep 18, 2007
Kevin HawkinsKevin Hawkins
Carrying One Another Rev. Kevin Hawkins, Pastor of Anointed Fellowship Bible Church and African-American Coordinator for Alumni at Dallas Seminary, encourages believers to help those who are involved...
Jul 7, 2006
Mark L. BaileyMark L. Bailey
Undeserved Mercy: The Faithfulness of God’s Forgiveness Grace and mercy are two sides of the same coin, which within the pocket or purse of the believer makes one rich toward God.
Apr 7, 2006
Matt ChandlerMatt Chandler
Gravity: The Weight of Pastoring to the Knowledge of Christ Matt Chandler, lead pastor of The Village Church, shares with us that Jesus' life was so full of hurt, betryal, and gravity that He now provides strength and mercy.
Sep 22, 2005
Linda M. MartenLinda M. Marten
The Self-Condemning Heart

Dr. Linda Marten, assistant professor of Biblical Counseling, brings us the message that the followers of Christ have the message and love to silence the condemning heart....

Feb 8, 2005
Willie O. PetersonWillie O. Peterson

Dr. Willie Peterson, church discipleship representative of the Navigators, observes that forgiveness, while one of the most difficult Christian disciplines to practice,...

Sep 7, 2004
Stephen J. BramerStephen J. Bramer
Washing Feet Like Jesus

Dr. Stephen Bramer, professor of Bible Exposition, speaks on how Godly servant-leaders must be willing to serve others to the extent that they are willing to forgive others.

Mar 5, 2004
Charles R. SwindollCharles R. Swindoll
Allowing God to Search Our Hearts

Dr. Charles Swindoll, chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary, preaches on the lessons we can learn from Peter's conversation with Jesus after His resurrection.

Spiritual Life
Sep 16, 2003
Sandra GlahnSandra Glahn
The Sinners' Prayer for Believers Ms. Sandra Glahn, editor-in-chief of Kindred Spirit, uses the example of the psalmist to show how we can approach God when our actions evoke His displeasure.