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Oct 3, 2019
Joseph M. StowellJoseph M. Stowell
Who Gets the Glory? Dr. Joe Stowell discusses the story of Moses and stresses learning to minister for the glory of God and not for self as the ultimate priority in ministry.
Houston Chapel
Apr 8, 2019
Christopher C. MooreChristopher C. Moore
Lessons from the Burning Bush Rev. Christopher Moore, senior pastor at New Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Houston, TX, affirms how a true encounter with God qualifies the call to ministry.
Spiritual Life
Mar 20, 2018
Timothy S. WarrenTimothy S. Warren
The Journey to Surrender Dr. Timothy Warren, senior professor of Pastoral Ministries, discusses the process that precedes the response, "Here am I, send me" to God's call.
Mar 9, 2018
Nik RipkenNik Ripken
WEC: Windows and Mirrors Dr. Nik Ripken concludes WEC week describing the miraculous acts of God globally and challenging believers to be aware of the miracle of public worship without threat of...
Spiritual Life
Feb 22, 2018
Billy BeachamBilly Beacham
The Slimy Pit - the Cycle of Life Billy Beacham, president of Student Discipleship Ministries, highlights the journey of ups and downs through life and knowing these events occur for Christians and others to see...
Spiritual Life
Oct 23, 2017
John AdairJohn Adair
Why the Five Solas Matter Today Long before the beginning of the Reformation, certain practices in the life of the church, for ordinary people, had ceased to be meaningful expressions of the Christian faith....
May 11, 2016
Michael BurerMichael Burer
The Decreasing Disciple Dr. Michael Burer, Associate Professor of New Testament Studies, encourages the true disciple of Christ to learn to minimize self in order to exalt the Lord.
Aug 26, 2014
Mark L. BaileyMark L. Bailey
The Glory of God and the Mission of DTS Dr. Mark Bailey, President of Dallas Theological Seminary and Professor of Bible Exposition, welcomes new and returning students to DTS with a message about God's glory from Isaiah...
Oct 24, 2013
Ken Myers
Resurrection and the Promise of Glory As a part of Arts Week 2013, Ken Myers, president and executive producer of Mars Hill Audio Journal, shares how the resurrection of Christ confirms God's love for His creation and...
Oct 11, 2013
Charles R. SwindollCharles R. Swindoll
The Meaning and Significance of Glory Dr. Charles Swindoll, Chancellor at Dallas Theological Seminary and Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church, talks to Day at DTS perspective students about what glory is and...
Mar 1, 2013
Bruce A. Hess
The Magnificent All Permeating Main Thing Bruce A. Hess, Senior Teaching Pastor, Wildwood Community Church, Norman, OK, shares the ultimate fulfilling focus of life.
Oct 16, 2012
Abraham KuruvillaAbraham Kuruvilla
Stumbling in Discipleship Dr. Abraham Kuruvilla, Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries, DTS, shares how Jesus wore our sin and shame and transformed it all into grace, restoration, and hope for His...
Jul 11, 2012
Gordon H. JohnstonGordon H. Johnston
Taste and See! Dr. Gordon Johnston, Professor of Old Testament Studies, explains that God invites us to turn to Him for help, so that He can prove His greatness to us.
Mar 30, 2012
Ron Rhodes
The Glory of Heaven... and a Top-Down Perspective Dr. Ron Rhodes, President, Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries, Frisco, TX, encourages us to always maintain our eternal perspective in view of our future glory in heaven.
Mar 12, 2009
Brian FisherBrian Fisher
Renewed Spirits Brian Fisher, Senior Pastor of Grace Bible Church, encourages us to move from selfish goals to lives that honor God. Once again, we return to Haggai for solid Biblical truth about...
Mar 11, 2009
Brian FisherBrian Fisher
Renewed Spirits Brian Fisher, Senior Pastor of Grace Bible Church, encourages us to move from selfish goals to lives that honor God. He reads from Haggai and teaches how we are to go about...
Oct 17, 2008
Charles R. SwindollCharles R. Swindoll
Horror of Conceit Dr. Charles Swindoll, Chancellor of DTS and Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church, contrasts God's magnificent glory with the horror of man's conceit. He reads from 2...
Sep 16, 2008
John D. HannahJohn D. Hannah
To God Be the Glory: How Can That Be? Dr. John Hannah, research professor of Theological Studies, distinguished professor of Historical Theology, discusses what it means to glorify God. He looks at Romans 11:33-36 and...
Oct 30, 2007
John D. Grassmick
Suffering and the Glory to Come Dr. John Grassmick, Academic Dean, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Professor of New Testament Studies, offers a word of encouragement for those suffering in present...
Oct 17, 2007
French A. JonesFrench A. Jones
The Heavens Are Telling of the Glory of God Dr. French Jones, Associate Professor of Biblical Counseling, suggests that the heavens and stars are significant ways to know our creator God.
Spiritual Life
Mar 13, 2007
Mark L. BaileyMark L. Bailey
The Weight of Glory How much does glory weigh? What an odd question! That is, until we learn that the Old Testament word for “glory” is kabod, which has a primitive root meaning “heavy.” Used...
Feb 22, 2005
Mrs. Gail Seidel
Created For His Glory

Join us as Mrs. Gail Seidel, Spiritual Formation Women's Director at Dallas Theological Seminary, shares that God created us for His glory and He uses all kinds of...

Nov 12, 2004
Mark L. BaileyMark L. Bailey
Feb 6, 2004
Daniel I. Block
The Privilege of Calling: The Mosaic Plan for Missions Dr. Daniel Block completes the W. H. Griffith Thomas lecture with this message that communicates to be called to serve as agents of God's glory and grace to the nations is the...