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Sep 6, 2007
Stanley D. ToussaintStanley D. Toussaint
The Temple of the Holy Church Dr. Stanley Toussaint, Senior Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition, discusses the importance of the local church as the temple of God.
Aug 30, 2007
J. Dwight PentecostJ. Dwight Pentecost
The Goal of Knowing God Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition, contends that we must spend time getting to know God before ministering for Him.
Mar 21, 2007
Dipa H. HartDipa H. Hart
Rejecting the Passionate Pursuit of Perfection Mrs. Dipa Hart, Assistant Director for Women in the Department of Spiritual Formation and Leadership, encourages believers to seek God's perfecting work, rather than being perfect.
Jan 16, 2007
Mark L. BaileyMark L. Bailey
Critical Components for a Contemporary Ministry Dr. Mark Bailey, President of Dallas Seminary and Professor of Bible Exposition, examines how the Apostle Paul models for believers the elements necessary for effective ministry to...
Nov 2, 2006
Jason Peters
Promoting Authentic Christianity Chaplain Captain Jason Peters challenges believers to invest in the ministries in which God has placed them.
Oct 10, 2006
Robert A. PyneRobert A. Pyne
Burning Our Virtues Dr. Robert Pyne, Professor of Theological Studies, reorients believers to what their foundational goal should be.
Sep 26, 2006
Larry Crabb
Chess Players or Poets: To Whom Does God Reveal Himself? Dr. Larry Crabb, Psychologist and Author, asks and answers seven essential questions of life that encourage believers to be sensitive to God.
Apr 18, 2006
R. Larry MoyerR. Larry Moyer
Three Essentials in your Relationships with Non-Christians Dr. Larry Moyer, CEO and president of Evantell, Inc., shares with us that there are three essentials in your relationships with non-Christians if you are going to impact the lost.
Feb 22, 2006
Jay Strack
Tradigital Strategy for Having a High Definition Ministry Dr. Jay Strack, president of Student Leadership University, brings us a message based on his coining of the word tradigital which means how to teach the traditions of the faith and...
Feb 17, 2006
Kenneth Horton
Refreshing Priorities Dr. Kenneth Horton, senior pastor of McKinney Memorial Bible Church, shares with us that reverence for Christ which stimulates relational evangelism refreshes spiritual leaders for...
Dec 7, 2005
Michael BurerMichael Burer
When in Doubt, Turn to Jesus Dr. Michael Burer, assistant professor of New Testament Studies, communicates that the Christian will grow in faith when in times of doubt he turns to Jesus for help and...
Oct 28, 2005
Tianne Moon
White Noise Mrs. Tianne Moon, director of spiritual development and assimilation at Fellowship Church, Grapevine, shares with us that in a world filled with so many voices, it is essential...
Sep 9, 2005
Jeffrey BinghamJeffrey Bingham
Please, Help Yourself to Seconds

Dr. Jeffrey Bingham, Department Chair and Professor of Theological Studies, encourages us to look to the coming city and Christ's second coming.

Jan 21, 2005
Timothy Lundy
The Power of His Presence

Teaching pastor at Fellowship Bible Church Little Rock, Timothy Lundy shares about the power to be God's minister is found in His presence.

Jan 20, 2005
Timothy Lundy
The Wonder of God's Word

Join us as Pastor Timothy Lundy, teaching pastor at Fellowship Bible Church Little Rock, shares with us that the nourishment of God's minister is sustained in God's Word. ...

Jan 19, 2005
Timothy Lundy
The Significance of Service

Pastor Timothy Lundy, teaching pastor of Fellowship Bible Church Little Rock, shares that the significance of God's minister is discovered in service.

Jan 18, 2005
Timothy Lundy
The Credibility of Character

Join us as Rev. Timothy Lundy, directional leader and teaching pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, shares the first of four messages focusing on...

Jan 13, 2005
J. Lanier BurnsJ. Lanier Burns
The Wisdom of the Weeping Prophet

Dr. Lanier Burns, senior professor of systematic theology at DTS, shares that Jeremiah's wisdom for a seminary students is to develop a biblical foundation, with long...

Sep 14, 2004
Bob Kaumeyer
Repetition, Proportion, Priority

Rev. Bob Kaumeyer, director of Placement at DTS, shares with us from the book of Haggai about the importance of repetition, proportion, and priority.