Studying the Historical Jesus: A Guide to Sources
and Methods
Dr. Darrell Bock (ThM, 1979)
Dr. Bock, the Seminary's research professor in New Testament studies, answers the question of how the Jesus presented in the Gospels relates to the Jesus that actually walked on earth, providing a sound alternative to the skeptical approaches that often make headlines.

False Positive
Dr. William Cutrer (MA[BS], 1993) and Sandra Glahn (ThM, 2001)
The authors’ third medical thriller, False Positive, explores sanctity-of-life issues. Publisher’s Weekly described the book as a “thoughtful, message-driven medical suspense novel that examines contemporary ethical dilemmas without oversimplification.”

Prophecy in Light of Today
Multiple authors
Dr. Charlie Dyer (ThM, 1979; ThD, 1986) writes the lead chapter in this compilation of chapters on prophecy by various experts, including DTS President Dr. Mark Bailey (PhD, 1996). Foreworded by Moody Bible Institute President, Dr. Joe Stowell (ThM, 1977), this book lists Dr. Erwin Lutzer (ThM, 1977) among its seven contributors.

The Weathering Grace of God
Ken Gire (ThM, 1978)
Using the Colorado terrain as a metaphor for our lives, Gire explains how our “mountains” and “flatlands” can be transformed by God’s grace into true loveliness.

Thirty-One Days to Living as a New Believer
Larry Moyer (ThM, 1973)
An expert in evangelism, Moyer offers a collection of practical and insightful truths that he wishes he had known when he first became a Christian.

The Great Journey
Jeffrey Richards (ThM, 1978)
Two ministers fight the many forces opposing them as they work for racial reconciliation in this novel, which challenges readers to reach across the racial divide.

Introducing Biblical Hebrew
Dr. Allen Ross (ThM, 1969; ThD, 1977)
This work is the product of Dr. Ross’s many years as a teacher of Hebrew and Hebrew exegesis at the graduate level. Dr. Bruce Waltke (ThM, 1956; ThD, 1958) describes this as “an absolutely superb textbook.” 

Like a Rock
Andy Stanley (ThM, 1985)
Using insights, exposition, and self-discovery exercises, Stanley guides the reader to set goals that ultimately lead to intimacy with God.

The Cross: What Does It Really Mean? Is the Bible True? What Is Christianity? Dr. Roy Zuck (ThM, 1957; ThD, 1961)
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