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DTS invites speakers from around the world to minister to students, faculty, staff, and friends. In the Fall and Spring semesters, chapel is held Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m.–11:50 a.m. with occasional special chapels on Thursdays and Fridays. During Summer, chapel is held on Wednesdays from 10:10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Chapel recordings are available online unless restrictions apply to the speaker(s) or content.

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The Beauty of the LORD’s Mercy in Bitter Waters

Dr. Won is the Director of Ministry Formation and Adjunct Professor of Old Testament at Dallas…
October 18, 2023
President of Dallas Seminary Doctor Mark Yarbrough speaking in chapel

Convocation Fall 2023

Dallas Theological Seminary's Fall 2023 Convocation
August 25, 2023

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Stephen Brown preaching from the podium

Remember Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ went through, so we could come through
May 22, 2024
Dr Reg Grant speaking at Commencement Chapel

Commencement Chapel 2024 – Stand Fast!

Dr. Reg Grant, Chair and Senior Professor in the Media Arts & Worship department at DTS,…
May 10, 2024

Embracing Radical Faithfulness

The final message of Senior Preaching week is delivered from Alaa Salloum. Today he shares from…
April 24, 2024

Stand Steadfast

The next message of Senior Preaching Week is from Noah Edmonson. He shares form Romans 8:12-17…
April 23, 2024

Gladly Submit to the God of Reversals

The first message of Senior Preaching Week is from Josh Ratliff. Today he shares from 1…
April 17, 2024

Student Awards Chapel 2024

Join us for Student Awards Chapel 2024
April 16, 2024

Dealing with Other’s Success

Dr. Timothy Ateek serves as Elder and Lead Pastor of Vision & Preaching at Watermark Community…
April 11, 2024

They Just Don’t Get Us

Dr. Mark Bailey is the Chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary. Today he joins us with a…
April 10, 2024

A Message to Those Selling Doves

Rev. Chris L. Simmons is a Pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church located in Dallas, Texas. Today…
April 9, 2024

Vibe Shift: Leading like Jesus in a world of chaos, conspiracies, and dying churches.

Rev. Dr. Kevin Gandy is an Assistant Professor of Educational Ministry and Leadership at Dallas Theological…
April 5, 2024

Joy in Generosity

Kim Till serves as the Senior Vice President for Advancement at Dallas Theological Seminary. Today she…
April 3, 2024

The Great De-Churching

Dive deep into the de-churching phenomenon with "The Great De-churching." We explore why and how people…
April 2, 2024

Suffering that Proves a Point

Dr. Victor D. Anderson is the Director of PhD Studies and Professor of Pastoral Ministries at…
March 27, 2024

Rooted in the Past and Looking toward Tomorrow: A Passion To Proclaim Christ

Dr. Hannah is a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. Today he joins us to share a…
March 26, 2024
Panel Discussion at Dallas Seminary

Jewish Emphasis Week: Panel Discussion

Listen as Dr. Mark Yarbrough hosts a panel discussion to wrap up Jewish Emphasis Week.
March 20, 2024
Joel Rosenberg speaks at Dallas Seminary chapel

Why is God Shaking the House of Israel?

Listen as Joel Rosenberg, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of All News Israel talks from Amos 9:8-15 about…
March 19, 2024

Acts and the Movement of God Part 3

Join us for our the 72nd World Evangelism Conference as we hear from our guest speaker…
March 7, 2024

Acts and the Movement of God Part 2

Join us for our the 72nd World Evangelism Conference as we hear from our guest speaker…
March 6, 2024

Acts and the Movement of God

Join us for our the 72nd World Evangelism Conference as we hear from our guest speaker…
March 5, 2024

Tender Eyes and Open Eyes

Dr. George Hillman is the Vice President for Education at Dallas Theological Seminary. Join us as…
March 1, 2024

The Soul’s Greatest Longing

Mrs. Rebecca Carrell serves as the Director of Media Arts & Worship Apprenticeship and Special Project…
February 28, 2024

Celebrating the Life of Lewis Sperry Chafer

Join us as we go through the chapters of his life as a faithful servant of…
February 27, 2024

Filled with All the Fullness of God

Dr. Tim Savage serves as the International Director for The Gospel Coalition. Today in chapel he…
February 21, 2024

Run the Race

Mr. Jim Daly is the President and CEO of Focus on the Family. Today he shares…
February 14, 2024

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