Kevin M. Gandy

Dr. Kevin M. Gandy, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, TX. Prior to joining the faculty at DTS, he was a founding pastor and church planter at Real Life LA in Los Angeles, California. Though he was born on the East Coast in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Gandy considers himself a Californian at heart, and has over 15 years of pastoral ministry experience in Southern California, Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Albania, and Southwest England. 

Dr. Gandy has a PhD in Leadership from Dallas Baptist University, and studies classic to postmodern leadership studies, Gen Z organizational engagement, and psychological empowerment theories. He also holds a ThM in Systematic Theology and MA in Cross-Cultural Missions from Dallas Seminary. He travels extensively to speak and teach throughout the year and has visited over 66 countries across 5 continents. When not in the classroom, you may find him on an airplane jetting around places, hanging out at local Dallas coffeeshops, or trying out new BBQ restaurants, the “true soul food” across Texas. 

Kevin M. Gandy’s Contributions

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