Josh Ratliff

Josh Ratliff 

Josh has been blessed to be a student at DTS since 2019 and involved with the chapel team since 2021. From a young age, he has had a passion for equipping people to worship the Lord through music and careful study of Scripture. He does both as the chapel musician coordinator, where he helps prepare the worship bands to lead campus in faithful and uplifting praise to our God in chapel.  

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Josh received his bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from Cedarville University in 2019 and received his ThM in May 2024 from Dallas Seminary with a concentration in Systematic Theology. He wants to help the church more fully integrate theological knowledge with a missional mindset, to serve the Lord in Spirit and in truth! What he appreciates most about preaching is the challenge of helping others move beyond the surface of Scripture to see the beauty of who God is through His revelation to His people. In his spare time, Josh loves checking out the Dallas music scene and enjoying all the coffee the city has to offer!  

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