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Logos Provides On-Site Training

Faculty and Students Get Acquainted with Their Portable Library

DTS is the only seminary to give every student Logos Bible software loaded with resources including Hebrew and Greek lexicons and top commentaries.

After attending his first training session, student Clement Woo said that although the software is valued at more than $14,000 in resources, he was using “less than $200 worth [which] is like using an iPhone for calling and receiving calls only vs. using all its functions. The training is inspiring. I am thankful that DTS has provided both the software and the training to us.“

Go to for answers to frequently asked questions about this new benefit.

Dr. Abraham Kuruvilla’s Work Named Book of the Year

Every year Preaching magazine focuses attention on one volume which, in the words of executive editor Michael Duduit, “warrants special attention because of its significant contribution to the field of preaching.” This year’s book of the year is Privilege the Text: A Theological Hermeneutic for Preaching (Moody Press) by DTS Pastoral Ministries professor Abraham kuruvilla.

Preaching’s announcement quoted DTS alumnus and former faculty member Dr. Donald Sunukjian, who serves on the homiletics faculty at Talbot School of Theology. He affirms the book as “a magnificent work, showing us how to move from the then of the text to the now of the audience. Kuruvilla repeatedly demonstrates how paying attention to the details of the text leads to the underlying truth that spans all generations. His discussion of how all parts of the law—civil, moral, and ceremonial—are applicable today is worth the price of the book.”

Kudos, Dr. K!

Attend DTS in the Springs

Young Life. Navigators. Focus on the Family. DTS. Yes, DTS has joined the ranks of parachurch organizations training Christian leaders in Colorado springs, Colorado. The seminary’s long-standing relationship with these ministries led to requests to start a Mobile MA in Christian Leadership in their city. The fully accredited program offers courses taught by dts professors on-site in the springs, online, and on campus in dallas for select intensive offerings. Go to for more information.

Snapshot from the Field: Christ Is Changing Lives in Europe

DTS graduate Steve Henderson (ThM, 1980) has served as the pastor of Munich International Community Church for fifteen years. The congregation consists of people from more than fifty nations, many of whom live in Munich on a short-term basis—the average stay being three years. Recently, a woman from Taiwan was joined in baptism by Ukrainian, German/Korean, German/Chinese, and American believers.

Steve said, “Increasingly, people of the world speak and read English. This creates an unprecedented possibility to penetrate nations and people groups around the world with the gospel through the English language. Also, people often are more open to the gospel and to a deepening of spiritual commitment while living abroad than while in their home country.

We consider it a privilege to be involved in the training of these multiple ‘missionaries’ whom we send out to various lands.”

The Compassionate Servant: Developing a Habit of Loving Well

Due to a Quality Enhancement Plan that has
led to assignment changes, more than ever,
students at Dallas Theological Seminary
are combining classroom knowledge with
real-world experiences through a program called The Compassionate Servant. In doing so they
are seeing and helping to meet the needs of
local marginalized people such as the poor,
homeless, disabled, suffering, bereaved,
and addicted. The “shoe-leather” learning
experiences are enhancing biblical and
theological understanding, spiritual life and
character, as well as ministry skills.

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