March 31, 2016 marked the completion of two major renovations and the expansion of the Dallas campus. This project included restoring two of DTS's historic and iconic structures, the Lidie C. Davidson and D. M. Stearns halls, both built in the 1920s, and the addition of the Joan and Andy Horner Administration Building, which houses the Dr. William B. Dean Center for Distance Education and Global Learning. Below are some of the before and after photos.

Welcome Center and Great Lawn

The all-glass front of the new Horner Administration Building now serves as a welcoming entrance to the Dallas campus, directing visitors to their destinations. This also provides a backdrop to the Great Lawn creating a stage for chapel, concerts, and other large gatherings.

Davidson Hall

Over the decades, Davidson Hall has served the seminary in a variety of ways. At one time or another, the third floor housed a library, a bookstore, the registration office, and the accounting center. Beautifully restored, it now creates a modern conference and meeting area with deep historical roots. The rounded wooden doors (left photo) are now on the wall behind the photographer's point of view and serve as the entrance to the conference center.

For many years, the first floor of Davidson held administrative offices including the Office of the President. Today, the first floor houses the Dr. William B. Dean Center for Distance Education and Global Learning and a world-class recording studio (in the area where Dr. Bailey's office used to be). 

The video below contains additional before and after construction images.

Historical Footage

Recently found footage from the 1940s and 1950s includes the construction of the original Chafer Chapel.

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