Dallas Theological Seminary is pleased to provide "Worthy Is Thy Name," Christmas devotionals written to direct our reflection on and worship of the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Mark Bailey, president of Dallas Theological Seminary, introduces this collection with special focus on the meaningfulness of the incarnate Son's names: 

The Scriptures are full of names for Jesus. He is called “Beloved Son” and “Lord of lords,” “Morning Star” and “Living Bread,” “Rabbi” and “Carpenter,” “Messiah” and “Immanuel.” Each of these names tells us something different about His essence and His acts. Each one reminds us of the centrality of Christ above all else—He is the name above all names and He is worthy of our praise. It is because of His name that we are saved.

In the twenty-five days leading up to Christmas, I pray that these devotionals, based on the names of Christ, will remind you afresh that Jesus is the focal point of God’s creation. The DTS faculty, who have written the devotionals that follow, share this conviction. The authors wrote in their own style, reflecting their heartbeat for this project and for our Savior.

The multitude of names for Christ reminds me not only of His power and authority, but His ability and desire to provide for all our needs. The Lord has certainly blessed DTS with a wealth of loyal friends! As Christmas approaches, I pray that Christ will be your focus and that He who is worthy might be praised.

Merry Christmas!

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