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Bill Egner

Bill Egner, Executive Pastor of Christ Chapel Church in Fort Worth, TX, is becoming a stronger leader each day. Since joining DTS’s D.Min. Executive Pastor Cohort program, Bill receives a unique support system of mentor/coaches who help him maximize his ministry potential. His classmates, who are seasoned pastors themselves, provide Bill with a unique array of ministry perspectives. These mentor/coaches and classmates comprise a powerful cohort team, which help Bill succeed.

“You don’t know what you don’t know,” Bill says. This is one reason why having a cohort proves beneficial to Bill—it reveals ministry blind spots. In facilitating these sensitive discussions, adjunct professor Dr. David Fletcher, who also serves as the Executive Pastor of The Chapel in Akron, OH, creates a cohort environment that is “real and honest.” Bill’s cohort is helping him become a more powerful leader each day—and it is ready to help you too.

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