Logo for the DTS Alumni Scholarship Fund

Dallas Theological Seminary has announced the Spring 2021 (ASF) Alumni Scholarship Fund award recipients. Please join us in congratulating five students who received the $3,000 ASF Vision Award and eighty-four students who received the $750 ASF Support Scholarship. These eighty-nine students are the first to receive help from the Alumni Scholarship Fund. Created in January 2020, this scholarship fund combines generous gifts from DTS alumni who are serving worldwide. The ASF is the first DTS scholarship fund for current students supported exclusively by alumni.

“My hope and prayer are that the Alumni Scholarship Fund continues to encourage our students for years to come.  The ASF brings our alumni together to support the next generation of Christian leaders. It gives alumni a way to encourage these students and support them financially,” said Dr. Mark Bailey, chancellor and former president of DTS.

As stated on its website, Dallas Theological Seminary hopes to raise $5 million for the Alumni Scholarship Fund by 2024, the DTS centennial. Thus far, $1.6 million has been raised in gifts and intentions to give. With more than 500 alumni donors to date, the Alumni Scholarship Fund may be able to double, or even triple, the number of scholarships it can award in fall 2021.

“It is wonderful to see DTS alumni supporting the next generation. The Alumni Scholarship Fund helps us get more students in the door of DTS so they can be equipped for ministry with a foundational knowledge of Scripture,” said Dr. Mark M. Yarbrough, president of Dallas Theological Seminary.

These first eighty-nine award recipients are enrolled in 12 different degree programs, with (ThM) Master of Theology and (MACS) Master of Arts in Christian Studies being the most common. As a group, they accurately represent an increasingly diverse student body.

The more than 500 alumni donors supporting the ASF represent wonderfully diverse ministries and demographics. Their graduating classes vary from 1958 to 2019. Additionally, DTS alumni are serving the populations of 101 different countries worldwide.

Dr. Greg Hatteberg, executive director of Alumni Relations, said, “I am so proud of our alumni. Not only are they giving of themselves in their chosen ministry settings, but they are giving financially to help our students. I am grateful for any encouragement that keeps our students going through the tough moments—whether it is prayer, mentorship, or a scholarship—and I am thankful that our alumni base cares that these students stay enrolled!”

Any alumni who would like to contribute to the Alumni Scholarship Fund can visit https://secured.dts.edu/asf-donate. To learn more about the Alumni Scholarship Fund, visit https://secured.dts.edu/asf-home.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Alumni Scholarship Fund Manager Abby Wills at [email protected].