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Dr. Dan Wallace

During his sabbatical, Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, professor of New Testament Studies, traveled to key sites across Europe in order to preserve, photograph, and analyze ancient manuscripts. Accompanied with several employees of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM), Wallace visited monasteries, libraries, museums, and other collections containing Greco-Roman documents. Some of these expeditions yielded manuscripts previously unknown to the academic community.

The following outlines where Wallace traveled and what contributions he provided at each location:

  • Cambridge, England: He and the CSNTM team photographed several manuscripts at various colleges, including one previously uncatalogued.
  • Athens, Greece: He and the CSNTM team photographed over 40 manuscripts, including nine that they discovered.
  • Münster, Germany: He and the CSNTM team improved the resolution quality of several previously digitized manuscripts by taking new photographs of these texts, utilizing modern technology.

Altogether, the CSNTM team took more than 60,000 photographs, one page at a time, and discovered about 40 previously-unknown manuscripts.

At each location, the CSNTM team provided the custodian of the manuscripts with a copy of all the digital photographs as well as their photograph copyrights. As such, the custodians gained a digitized format of their collection along with full copyright ownership of how all photographs are to be used and who may access them.

In addition to his manuscript work, Wallace enjoyed some of his other interests. He visited several DTS graduates, which include Kelly Iverson (Th.M., 2001), Natalia Critchlow (Th.M., 2004), Richard Fountain (Th.M., 2003), and Jeffrey Baldwin (Th.M., 1992). Other memorable experiences include speaking to the northwest London Diocese of Anglican priests at their annual conference, motoring down the Autobahn in Germany, and gulping raw sea urchin seasoned with salt.