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Dr. Darrell Bock

This past summer, Dr. Darrell Bock, research professor in New Testament Studies, visited seven nations in order to serve the body of Christ worldwide. Beginning in Jordan and ending in Australia, Bock gained an appreciation for the variety of ways in which God is at work through His faithful servants. He recalls, “What I appreciated most was witnessing the commitment to ministry these people demonstrated.” Some of these people include DTS graduates Nabeeh Abbassi (Th.M., 1993, D.Min. 2002), Vladimir Pikman (Th.M., 2006), Bill Franklin (Th.M. 1982), Brian Rosner (Th.M. 1988), Malcolm Gill (Th.M., 1999; Ph.D., 2006), and Thomas Golding (Th.M., 1985, Ph.D. 2003).

The following outlines where Bock traveled and what ministries he served:

Dr. Darrell Bock
  • Amman, Jordan: Bock taught at the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary and discussed the gospel of Luke’s missional outreach to the Gentiles. He also saw the ministries of Nabeeh and Ruba Abbassi there.
  • Netanya, Israel: He provided theological consultation to Messianic Jews with emphasis on Jewish evangelism and how sensitive they should be towards adhering to their culture.
  • Naples, Italy: He met with Second Temple Jewish experts on the book of Second Enoch to discuss the recent discovery of a Coptic manuscript of this book. This finding confirms the book of Second Enoch is older than previously thought.
  • Berlin, Germany: He visited a Messianic Jewish Congregation, which is pastored by DTS graduate Vladamir Pikman. Pikman is the Messianic Rabbi of this congregation and also the founding president of the German Messianic Jewish Alliance.
  • New York City, NY: He participated in a Chosen People Ministries board meeting. This ministry exists to share Jesus as Messiah with Jewish people and encourage people about how to do so.
  • La Mirada, CA: He taught for two weeks at Talbot School of Theology. He also met with two key figures for ACT 1, which is an organization training people in Hollywood who are Christian to let their voice be heard.
  • Taipei, Taiwan: He visited two churches and participated in the annual gathering of missionaries to Taiwan. He was hosted by DTS graduate Bill Franklin. He met with faculty at an evangelical seminary and discussed with pastors the topic of the church as a body rather than being pastor-driven.
  • Australia: He taught at Ridley College (Melbourne), Meuller College (outside Brisbane), and Adelaide College of Ministries. He met with DTS graduates Brian Rosner, who teaches at Moore College as professor of New Testament and Ethics, Malcolm Gill., and Tom Golding who runs the school in Adalaide. He also was the plenary speaker at the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (outside Sydney).

For more up-to-date information on Dr. Bock’s ministry, you may visit his blog.