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DTS Grad Nominated for 2011 Christy Award

Bestselling author and DTS alumnus, David Gregory (Gregory Smith, M.A./CE, 2001), has been nominated for a 2011 Christy Award for his novel The Last Christian. The Christy Awards was established in 1999 by Christian publishers in order "to recognize novelists and novels of excellence in several genres of Christian fiction" (source: "History").

"Every year publishers are invited to submit novels written from a Christian worldview and copyrighted in the year preceding the awards. Each novel is entered in one of several genre categories and/or the first novel category. Each category of novels is then read and evaluated against a ten-point criteria by a panel of seven judges composed of librarians, reviewers, academicians, literary critics, and other qualified readers, none of whom have a direct affiliation with a publishing company" (source: "How the Awards Work"). Gregory's book is among two others nominated for the "Visionary" genre.

Learn more about the M.A. in Christian Education (the degree David Gregory's earned) or about the M.A. in Media and Communication (a degree for writers and others interested in media arts ministry).

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