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New Kindred Spirit Issue on Physical and Spiritual Rest

Now available in print and online, the Fall issue of Kindred Spirit focuses on the timely subject of spiritual and physical rest.

As the school year gets underway and calendars fill up, this issue of the DTS magazine encourages believers to take time for relaxation and reflection. The writers for this issue remind us that God has given us a blueprint for rest in the Sabbath, and that in his life on earth, Jesus set aside times for quiet and solitude. When we find our rest in Christ, we find that he frees us from the burden of trying to “do it all,” and we experience God's presence more richly.



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About Kindred Spirit

Kindred Spirit is published three times per year as a ministry to friends of Dallas Theological Seminary. Each issue of this award-winning magazine features helpful articles on Bible doctrine and Christian living from a conservative, evangelical perspective.

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