Dr. Mark Bailey Feb 9–10 Moody Founder’s Week, Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Robert Lightner Apr 22–26 Middletown Bible Church Conference, Middletown, Connecticut

Dr. Oscar Lopez Mar 2–4, 9–11 Hispanic Conferences, Keswcik, Whitting, New Jersey

Dr. David Wyrtzen Apr 20 22 Pine Island Marriage Retreat, Pine Island, Minnesota


Dr. Ron Allen Feb 19 Hayward Wesleyan Church, Hayward, Wisconsin

Dr. Mark Bailey Feb 18–19 First Baptist Church, North Terre Haute, Indiana

Dr. Charles Baylis Mar 25 Bible Conference, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dr. Stephen Bramer Jan 28–29 Winter Bible Conference, Springfield Bible Church, Springfield, Illinois

Prof. Sandra Glahn Mar 24 “Coffee and Stories,” Community Bible Church, Omaha, Nebraska

Dr. Stanley Toussaint Mar 10–14 Bible Conference, Marshalltown Evangelical Free Church, Marshalltown, Iowa

Dr. David Wyrtzen Feb 24–26 Maranatha Marriage Retreat, North Platte, Nebraska


Dr. Mark Bailey Feb 29 Bryan College Chapel, Dayton, Tennessee; Mar 18, Grace Church, Greenville, South Carolina

Dr. Robert Lightner Apr 9–13 Piedmont Baptist Graduate School, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Dr. Stanley Toussaint Feb 12–17 Word of Life Bible Conference, Hudson, Florida


Dr. Ron Allen Jan 29 Cornerstone Bible Church, Lubbock, Texas

Dr. Vic Anderson Feb 1 Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, Pantego Bible Church, Arlington, Texas

Dr. Mark Bailey Mar 2–4 Permian Basin Bible Conference, First Baptist Church, Odessa, Texas

Dr. Darrell L. Bock Feb 17–18 Eschatology Consultation, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

Dr. John Hannah Mar 23–24 Church History Lectureship, Tyndale Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

Dr. Scott Horrell Feb 18 Faith Bible Church, The Woodlands, Texas

Dr. Abraham Kuruvilla Feb 12 Missions Conference, Mansfield Bible Church, Mansfield, Texas

Dr. Robert Lightner Mar 18, 25 Free Grace Bible Church, Richardson, Texas

Dr. Daniel B. Wallace Jan 27 New Testament Lectureship, Florida International University, Miami, Florida; Feb 1 Reliability of the NT Debate with Dr. Bart Ehrman, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Feb 14 “The Bible’s Survival and Success: New Discoveries, Technologies and Challenges,” In conjunction with Passages Exhibit of manuscripts and Bibles, Passages Exhibit, Atlanta, Georgia; Feb 28–29: Theological Forum, Mid-America Baptist Seminary, Cordova, Tennessee


Dr. Mark Bailey Mar 28–Apr 1 Shasta Bible College Conference, Redding, California; Apr 28 Western Seminary Commencement, Portland, Oregon

Dr. David Wyrtzen Jan 20–23 Clydehurst Marriage Retreat, Boseman, Montana


Dr. Ron Allen Mar 5–17 Leader and Teacher, Holy Land Study Tour, Various locations, ISRAEL

Dr. Stephen Bramer Mar 4–16 Insight for Living Israel Tour, Israel; Apr 23–26 Word of Life Bible Institute, Tóalmás, HUNGARY

Dr. Oscar Lopez Apr 26–29 Anniversary Conference, Nazareth Church, Guatemala City, GUATEMALA