Looking for a different way to share the real reason we celebrate Christmas? Check out The Carols' Story, a reasonably priced CD of your favorite holiday carols, along with a companion booklet that tells the story behind the carols—the story of Jesus.

Produced by EvanTell and the Vox Humana choir of Irving Bible Church in Irving, Texas, this contemporary-style gift CD and booklet is meant to be shared with believers and unbelievers alike.

Consider organizing a caroling party with your church's small group, and handing out the CD/booklet to each house you visit. Or send them in lieu of Christmas cards, include them with gifts, or use them as party favors or hostess presents.

Why are we still singing about a baby born more than two thousand years ago? Listen in by downloading a free song, Sing We Now.  For purchasing information go to EvanTell.