For thirteen episodes the entire Godsey family travels across the United States and internationally as Nathan interviews gourmet chefs, tastes and cooks a variety of food, learns about business and different cultures, and has tons of fun with adrenaline-pumping activities like snowboarding, rock climbing, SCUBA diving, and paintball.

FFA could also stand for "Fun Family Adventures." Donny, who owns and operates C3D Studios, a videography company, films and produces the show. His wife, Courtney, writes and directs, and their younger children enjoy cameo appearances. As a home-schooling family, the Godseys are able to incorporate the travel and filming experiences into the children's education.

"It has been a wonderful educational experience for all of us. We are able to learn about what we are interested in and each episode is different. It is truly a dream job," Donny says. "What we love most about the show is that it gives us awesome opportunities to work together as a family. There is a lot of effort involved in producing Fun Food Adventures, but we have a lot of fun as well."

Cameras have been a constant presence in Nathan's life. "Nathan's such a natural in front of the camera—he makes our job very easy," Donny says. "He's a lot of fun to work with because he's such a spunky kid. We just try to keep up with him!"

Nathan's personality, humor, and love for learning are reflected in the design of each episode. He plays a central part in selecting each episode's content and incorporates the subjects into his personal study before going on location to film.  

As the title suggests, the show combines fun, food, and adventure in a child-friendly manner. But Donny and his wife planned for the show to have a deeper foundation. "We consider it important to match a spiritual theme to a particular show. To have the opportunity to incorporate God's love, power, and wisdom is an honor."  

Emphasizing spiritual themes through film describes the Godseys' philosophy at C3D Studios. Training videos, promotionals, commercials, and special events comprise the bulk of their corporate work, but ministry motivates them. They now provide Christian schools and organizations with high-quality, low-cost video promotionals. To help one of his seminary friends just starting out in the mission field, Donny combined personal photos with professional graphics and background music, producing a video that his friend could use at churches and support-raising functions.

Donny's long-term goal is to establish C3D Studios so well that his staff would work the secular jobs, leaving him and Courtney free to pursue ministry projects, including additional seasons of Fun Food Adventures.