Have sports influenced your
Christian life? If so, how?

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sports in general are wonderful opportunities to accomplish one’s potential.
Any gift that God gives can become a double-edged sword. If one is aware of the
inherent danger and pursues the [good], it’s a wonderful thing.”
—John Weber (ThM, 1980), chaplain, Dallas Cowboys

prepared me for two very important aspects of the Christian life. First, to
persevere in the hard times. Football and life are hard. Second, teamwork is
essential for getting the job done … in football or God’s work.”
—Tommy Maxwell (ThM, 1983), former NFL player and executive director of Coaches

a lot of ways there are similarities between football life and the Christian
life. They both require careful study of the ‘play book’ for proper execution
in the game and in life. They both require preparation: Football—film study,
physical training, proper nutrition, practicing the opponents’ plays; the
Christian life—prayer, the study of God’s Word, fellowship, accountability.
This preparation is all for the ‘game’ so that when an opportunity arises we
can respond.”
—Aaron Kampman, defensive end for the Green
Bay Packers and a Dallas Seminary online student

taught me about preparation. In order to compete well you have to be prepared.
There is a discipline that is learned through repetitive dribbling, defensive
drills, and shooting contests that can prepare you for any game situation. Our
walk with Christ is the same. Whether faced with a new challenge or a victory,
God requires that we be prepared. Through the knowledge of His Word and an
active relationship with Him, we can handle such times with trust and faith.
We’ve been called to finish the race.”
—Hubert Davis (attended 1999–2002),
former NBA player for the Dallas Mavericks and New York Knicks

professional athletics, preparation is the key to success. In transitioning to
a life after baseball, I found my experience at DTS an integral part of
ministry back into the world of professional sports.”
—Kyle Abbott (ThM, 2002), former Major
League Baseball pitcher with the Angels and Phillies; chaplain, Texas Rangers;
director of Ministry Resources

“The Christian life in racing, though desired and authentic, is often choked by the consuming demands of the sport itself. Christ offers immediate forgiveness but delayed gratification, and these [racers] expect speedy results.”
—Dale Beaver (ThM, 1994), assistant director, Motor Racing Outreach; chaplain, Winston Cup

“Learning to focus on my swing helped me play my best as an LPGA tour player. As Christians, when bad things happen, we focus on the sound doctrine we know: God is good and He loves us. Knowing that God is in control and is with me helps me trust Him for each day.”
—Julie Pyne, former golfer, Ladies Professional Golf Association, and wife of Dallas Seminary theology professor Bob Pyne (ThM, 1985; ThD, 1990)