As administrative leaders of Dallas Theological Seminary charged with the
responsibility of stewardship for the assets which have been entrusted to us by
God on behalf of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, financial supporters, and
governing boards, there are times we have to make difficult decisions.

Over the last few weeks, we have found ourselves in the unpleasant position of
needing to take appropriate legal action in our fiduciary duty to pursue a
biblically appropriate, deliberate, and mutually protected course of action that
will have both restitution and restoration as the ultimate goals.

For our former employee, we will seek to assure that every possible avenue for
reconciliation and restoration is preserved. The actions taken this week will
hopefully result in the preservation of each of these objectives.

As responsible Christians, it is imperative that we avoid any gossip or slander.
We have appointed a singular spokesman for this situation. If you receive any
questions or inquiries about these Seminary matters, all such should be directed
through the department of Seminary Communications to Dr. Mark Yarbrough, Vice
President for Seminary Communications.

Thank you for your prayers for the Seminary family and all concerned during
these difficult days.

Mark L. Bailey


Dallas Theological Seminary