Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) professor Dr. Eddie B. Lane, Sr., one of DTS’s first African American students, died on October 15, 2015. At the time of his death, Lane was associate professor emeritus of Pastoral Ministries. During his time at DTS, he was instrumental in developing the Urban Ministries emphasis in the Master of Theology (ThM) program, and he was a sought after and beloved advisor to many students. He was also senior pastor of Bibleway Bible Church, which he founded and where he pastored for forty-eight years. Also at Bibleway, he founded and served as executive director of the Early Childhood Development Center.

Dr. Lane founded and served as president of the Institute for Black Family Renewal. He was also founder and president of Black Family Press, which published many of his numerous works. At one time, he served as president of the National Black Evangelical Association.

Having earned a diploma from Southern Bible Institute, where he later taught, Lane received his B.A. from the University of Texas at Dallas; his ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS); and his D.D. from Denver Seminary. He served as a professor at Dallas Bible College and a number of positions at DTS including his most recent as associate professor emeritus of Pastoral Ministries. He is survived by his wife, Betty Jo, three living children, and eight grandchildren.


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