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Dr. Kevin Bradford

by Rose Ann Hopwood, M.A.[BS]

In July, Dr. Kevin Bradford, 2008-09 Missionary in Residence and Adjunct Professor of World Missions, celebrated the launch of Brazil’s first “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” courses.

Called Perspectivas, the courses attracted 120 paying participants who spent an intensive week learning about their role in God's global purposes. The launch of Perspectivas required two years of prayerful work and planning by Bradford and a team of missionaries, professors and others. Current DTS students Daniel L. Woods (M.A./CM) and Erica L. Wells (M.A./CM) also served on the team as part of their summer 2009 internships.

To prepare for the courses, Bradford edited Perspectivas no Movimento Cristão Mundial during his 2008-09 furlough at DTS. Perspectivas is the Portuguese version of the influential text, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, edited by Ralph Winter and Steven Hawthorne. Perspectivas includes 80 articles translated from the English edition and 50 chapters or sidebars from Brazilian, Latin and expatriate authors.

Bradford has served in Brazil since 1990, mobilizing churches and serving as professor at Word of Life Bible Seminary. He holds an M.A./CM and Th.M. from DTS and a Doctor of Ministry with missions emphasis from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. After teaching at DTS in 2008-09, Bradford returned to Brazil in the summer of 2009 with his wife Rebecca (M.A./CM) and their three children.