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Leaving a Mark on DTS: Jack Turpin (1931–2019)

On Saturday, December 21, 2019, former Dallas Theological Seminary chairman of the Board of Trustees and longtime DTS board member, Jack A. Turpin, Jr. joined his savior in heaven. As one of the seminary’s most faithful stewards, Jack’s legacy at DTS is both physical and intangible.

One of the first buildings many people see when they set foot on Dallas Theological Seminary’s main campus is the Turpin Library. As the default “home away from home” for many seminary students, the library was made possible by the generosity of Jack and his wife, Sally. Jack valued the Bible and strong biblical education, and he wanted seminary students to have an appropriate place to study and learn.

Jack’s impact on DTS, however, extends beyond mere buildings. During his tenure as the chairman of the Board of Trustees (1988–1998), he established the Dallas Seminary Foundation, which allows donors to leave a legacy through their estates and faithfully steward their financial resources. For the Turpin’s helping DTS was a family effort. Sally was instrumental in the startup of Luke’s Closet and Pantry, a ministry on DTS’s campus that distributes clothing, furniture, food, and more to seminary students in need. This ministry has blessed countless of students and their families.

Jack Turpin left a mark—a physical mark and a permanent mark on DTS. His leadership, stewardship, and friendship to DTS continue to bear fruit. Current DTS president, Dr. Mark Bailey, in reflecting on Jack’s legacy, commented, “Jack was a man who deeply loved the Scriptures and sought to live and lead according to its truths. While we mourn his loss and offer his family our condolences, we are thankful for the time we had with Jack. His legacy on our institution is great.”

Dr. Mark Bailey
Dallas Theological Seminary

For a more in-depth look at the life and ministry of Jack Turpin, you can read our DTS Voice article, written in 2011 when Jack retired from the DTS Board of Incorporate Members.






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