Dallas Theological Seminary is proud to announce several new degree offerings as well as adjustments to the naming and offerings of existing degrees.

36-Hour Master of Biblical and Theological Studies (MBTS)

The Master of Biblical & Theological Studies (MBTS) is a 36-hour degree designed for business professionals and lay leaders who want to be equipped for effective ministry in the local church, at home, or in the workforce.

Mark Yarbrough, Dean of Academic Affairs says, “Over the last few years, we’ve noticed an increase in students who are serving the Lord as doctors, lawyers, teachers, and parents. They aren’t planning on going into full-time ministry, but they’ve been telling us that they need a shorter degree program that gives them the big picture of the Biblical story and lets them customize their coursework to help them live out the Gospel whereever God has them.”

The MBTS will also serve as an excellent opportunity for professionals whose jobs require continuing education or a master’s degree, spouses of current DTS students, and missionaries or other Christian workers with limited windows of time for studies.

The MBTS includes 9 hours of Biblical exposition courses that offer a panorama of the Biblical story, 9 hours of theological studies that train students to think theologically about all of life, and 12 hours of free electives that students can direct to their areas of interest and ministry needs.

The MBTS program is designed for two years of study, but some exceptions may allow students to finish the program in as little as one year. This program can be completed entirely online or at any DTS location.

Realigning MABS and CBTS with MACS and CGS

In addition to the new MBTS, DTS has adjusted the names of several programs.

Previously DTS had two sets of degrees with identical curriculums, but different names for the English (MABS and CBTS) and Chinese (MACS and CGS) versions. DTS has eliminated the English-specific names, leaving the 62-hour Master of Arts (Christian Studies) (MACS) for those desiring a deep, general academic program and the 30-hour Certificate of Graduate Studies (CGS) for those who desire an introduction to seminary training. The updated naming convention more accurately describes the degree offerings, meets naming conventions of international programs, and allows for future language offerings.

These program updates and additions enable DTS to continue its mission of “equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide,” by meeting the changing needs of today’s church. DTS’s existing ministry degrees, including the flagship ThM program, will continue to prepare men and women for a variety of traditional vocational ministry positions, and the MBTS offers a powerful new opportunity for those who seek to proclaim Christ in their homes and workplaces.

If you are interested in one of these new programs, please visit the links above or call DTS Admissions at 800-3-DALLAS. Visit www.dts.edu/degrees to see all of DTS's degree offerings.