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New Scholarships for Part-time Students

DTS is proud to announce a new block of scholarships exclusively reserved for students working full-time while taking a part-time course load.

Traditionally, Dallas Theological Seminary has offered scholarships to full-time students enrolled in at least twelve hours of coursework on the Dallas campus in the Fall and Spring semesters. This new block of aid offers students who are taking at least nine to eleven hours of coursework, working at least thirty hours per week, an opportunity to complete their degree programs with more assistance.

Karen Holder, Director of Employee and Student Support Services acknowledges that for many students finances are a major challenge, and DTS is adjusting to meet the needs of today's students: 

"We recognized the difficulty for our students who are full-time workers to take the required 12 credit hours for scholarship eligibility; therefore, we are now offering scholarship assistance to those students who are taking between nine and eleven hours, are employed full-time (30 hours or more per week), and have a financial need."

You can visit our the Financial Aid page to find details on the part-time students scholarships and if you meet the requirements, you can apply now.

Note: the deadline for Fall 2013 scholarship applications is February 28, 2013.

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