I’m continually amazed at the way in which projects seem to “flow” when the Holy Spirit is orchestrating the details. Let me be the first to admit, there have been plenty of assignments through the years, more than I’d like to own up to, where I’ve pushed and prodded in an attempt to see quick results.

However, I’m pleased to announce I’ve passed a point in life where I’m no longer interested in controlling the pace or particulars of problems I face. I’m learning to place details in the Father’s hands…and I’m learning to leave them there.

Let’s face it. We all encounter daily trials and tribulations. The car breaks down, the refrigerator quits running, and even our health fails us. How we respond is really the issue God is most interested in. If need be, God can raise up a thousand refrigerators. His power and authority are not to be questioned. And yet He will use whatever He needs to get our attention.

The theme of this issue of our award-winning magazine is not by might…but My Spirit, says the Lord. It’s easy, isn’t it, for our flesh to push and prod, to work on its own timetable? My own memories of such futile efforts haunt me. Yet the Lord often has His own lessons He’s trying to teach us. Lessons like trust, and faith, and patience. Granted, these are not easy lessons to learn, but they’re invaluable if He is to use us to carry out His purposes.

Be honest with yourself. Which would you say you’re leaning on more today? Your might – or His Spirit?

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Charles R. Swindoll

Charles R. Swindoll has devoted his life to the accurate, practical teaching and application of God’s Word and His grace. A pastor at heart, Chuck has served as the founder and senior pastor-teacher of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas. His leadership as president and now Chancellor Emeritus of Dallas Theological Seminary has helped prepare and equip a new generation for ministry. Chuck and his wife Cynthia, have four grown children, ten grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.