Dallas Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that it has purchased the final two pieces of property on the southwest side of Haskell Avenue that will square off the Dallas campus grounds.

Most recently the two buildings were a dance studio and a small apartment complex situated between Mitchell Ministries Center and the Facilities department, across the street from what was once Lincoln Hall. When the properties became available on the real estate market, a generous donor provided the funds to purchase them.

As a part of the campus renovation plans currently underway, which include the restoration of Davidson and Stearns and the construction of the new administrative building, DTS plans to use the newly acquired property to create a new entrance to campus and a new parking lot. When this work is finished, visitors will no longer need to cross Live Oak to enter campus.

Campus Master plan

The Revitalization of East Dallas

Dr. Bailey recalls arriving in Dallas to begin teaching at DTS in the summer of 1985. “When we arrived, they were building the wrong house on our little track home lot in Arlington, Texas, so our move–in was delayed. We subleased an apartment in the Woodstone Apartments for one week. The roaches were multiple, the kitchen sink did not work so all dishes had to be done in the bathtub, and the air conditioning went out that week.

"To top it off, we loaded our car late one evening, preparing to move in with Ron and Libby Blue and family in Arlington while we waited for our house to be finished. When we got up and went out to the car the next morning, all of our belongings, including all of our clothes, our boys’ toys, Barby’s makeup, and our souvenirs from Egypt and Israel were either gone or strewn down the alley where the thieves sorted out what they wanted to keep. That was our introduction to Dallas!”

Robert Riggs, vice president for Campus Operations says, “In the last three decades, the area just east of downtown Dallas, where the Seminary is located, has seen a dramatic revitalization. Through God's provision, DTS has been able to be a part of this restoration. These final properties will allow us to build a new ‘front door’ to the campus that will be helpful and friendly and reflect the direction of the city of Dallas.”

DTS announced the campus renovations plans last year, and you can watch the progress on the live webcam of the construction site.