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DTS is undergoing its decennial reaccreditation through SACS, and part of the process is developing a QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan), a seminary wide project to improve student learning which incorporates suggestions from DTS students, faculty, staff, alumni, Board Members and Donors.

  1. A plan to improve student learning
  2. Developed with input from the Seminary Family

DTS will be collecting ideas on how to improve the seminary on a large institutional scale. Although we value any suggestions that will improve DTS, we are seeking your help to send us topics that specifically address student learning. If you're still a bit confused, we've provided some examples below.

Example Topics

Example #1 – Response to Suffering and Disability

Building on the “Theology of Suffering and Disability” course (BE547), there is a growing desire at DTS to serve disabled individuals and their families. Considering the advances we have already made on the DTS campus to accommodate our disabled students, it would enhance our institution’s servant-leadership model and our sensitivity to the cultural needs of the disabled community to promote the enrollment of students with disabilities. By adding a “service-learning” component, we could/would expose our students to those in our community who chronically suffer and/or are disabled. Our existing course would help promote our interest in the needs of this community, and lead to a quality program or curriculum for future pastors and Christian ministries. This would include hands-on experience with the disabled and suffering on and off campus. One possibility would be to work closely with such organizations as Joni & Friends, and specifically their Christian Institute on Disability, which may open a branch in Dallas in the near future.

Example #2 – Reflection of Media on Ministry Effectiveness

In today's culture, if you want to be taken seriously, having a presence in media is necessary. But before you go off creating facebook pages, shooting video, and registering for domain names, let's take a step back and analyze the effect of media on God's call for your life. There are strong positives for the usage of media, but they need to be utilized in a way that will maximize the way that God has uniquely gifted you. This topic would explore what that looks like through the various degree programs offered here at DTS.

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