Dallas Theological Seminary is excited to announce that enrollment  for fall 2013 has reached a new high of 2,149 overall students. This includes 498 new students, a 22% increase in the number of new students from fall 2012. We are grateful to God for his grace and for several trends that seem to be influencing our enrollment.

One exciting trend is the growth of the DTS-Houston campus. The Houston student body has now passed the 250 student mark with 256 total students including 26 Chinese language students. This year, the classroom space has doubled and the library also continues to grow to accommodate the influx of new students.

Another source of growth comes from DTS’s online programs which now include a fully online MA (Biblical Studies) and fully online MA (Christian Studies) offered in Chinese. There are now 421 students in our online English program and another 110 studying online in Chinese. More than five hundred additional students take online courses alongside their traditional courses on campus and at extension sites.

In addition to the growth of the Houston campus and online programs, DTS is now offering a hybrid program called Mobile Seminary in Fargo, North Dakota, Nashville, Tennessee, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In these three cities, DTS offers a combination of three types of coursework: classes on the ground in each city, online courses, and one-week intensives at the Dallas campus. This unique program offers students within a metro area the chance to work through a degree program together, including both online and face-to-face components.

Even with significant enrollment growth through online and distance education, DTS’s traditional ThM program, designed for full-time preaching and teaching ministries, continues to show strong, steady numbers on both the Dallas and Houston campuses. Additionally, the MA in Biblical Counseling (MA/BC) continues to grow in both Houston and Dallas.

We are grateful to God for his provision, and we are praying for these new students and the students considering seminary next year.