Recovering the Real Lost Gospel
Dr. Darrell L. Bock (ThM, 1979)*

Jesus the Messiah: Tracing the Promises, Expectations, and Coming of Israel’s King
Dr. Herbert Bateman IV (ThM, 1987; PhD, 1993); Dr. Darrell Bock (ThM, 1979),* and Dr. Gordon  Johnston (ThM, 1985; ThD, 1992)*

The Gospel according to Isaiah 53
Dr. Darrell Bock (ThM, 1979)* and Mitch Glaser, eds. and contributors. Other contributors include Dr. Robert Chisholm Jr. (ThD, 1983)* and Dr. Donald Sunukjian (ThM, 1966; ThD, 1972)

Tending the Soul
Contributing authors Mindy Caliguire (Jeff, ThM, 1990); Angela Thomas (MA/CE, 1987); Sandra Glahn (ThM, 2001);* Carolyn Custis James (MA[BS], 1977)

The Essential Guide for Church Leaders
William Cook Jr. and Dr. Lindsay Gunn (MA[BS], 1977)

Lord, I Feel So Small
John Drury (ThM, 1976)

Character Counts: The Power of Personal Integrity
Dr. Charles Dyer (ThM, 1979; PhD, 1986)

From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology
John Dyer (ThM, 2008)*               

Oneness Embraced
Dr. Tony Evans (ThM, 1976; ThD, 1982)**

Sumatra with the Seven Churches
Sandra Glahn (ThM, 2001)* and Crickett Keeth (MA/CE, 2005)**

Holy Ambition: Turning God-Shaped Dreams into Reality
Dr. Chip Ingram (ThM, 1984)

Pure Desire: Moral Sanity in a Sex-Saturated Culture
Dr. Gary Inrig (ThM, 1969; DMin, 1984)

Half the Church: Recovering God’s Global Vision for Women
Carolyn Custis James (MA[BS], 1977)**

The Whole Bible Story: Everything That Happens in the Bible in Plain English
Dr. William Marty (STM, 1979; ThD, 1984)

Show Me How to Preach Evangelistic Sermons
Larry Moyer (ThM, 1973)

An Anchor for the Soul, second ed.
Ray Pritchard (ThM, 1978)

A Commentary on the Psalms
. Allen Ross (ThM, 1969; ThD, 1977)

The Messianic Hope: Is the Hebrew Bible Really Messianic?
Michael Rydelnik (ThM, 1983)

Life Interrupted: Navigating the Unexpected
Priscilla Evans Shirer (MA[BS], 1998)

Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted
Priscilla Evans Shirer (MA[BS], 1998)

Faithful, Abundant, True
Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer (MA[BS], 1998), and Kay Arthur

The Invitation
Greg Sidders (ThM, 1988)**

The Principle of the Path: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
Andy Stanley (ThM, 1985)

The Reliability of the New Testament: Bart Ehrman and Daniel Wallace in Dialogue
Robert B. Stewart, editor;  Dr. Daniel B. Wallace (ThM, 1979; PhD, 1995),* and Dr. Bart Ehrman

Ten Questions Every Christian Must Answer
Dr. Alex McFarland and Dr. Elmer Towns (ThM, 1958)

God Laughs, and 42 More Surprising Facts about God That Will Change Your Life
Dr. Elmer Towns (ThM, 1958) and Charles Billingsley

Revisiting the Corruption of the New Testament: Manuscript, Patristic, and Apocryphal Evidence
Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, ed. (ThM, 1979; PhD, 1995)*

Why, O God? Suffering and Disability in the Bible and the Church
Edited by Dr. Larry Waters (PhD, 1998)* and Dr. Roy Zuck (ThM, 1957; ThD, 1961)*

Contributors include Dr. Ronald Allen,* Dr. James Allman,* Dr. Victor Anderson,* Dr. Mark Bailey,* Jessica James Baldridge, Dr. Douglas Blount,* Dr. Stephen Bramer,* Dr. Thomas Constable,* Patricia Evans, Greg Hatteberg,* Michael Justice, Dr. Linda Marten,* Dr. James Neathery, Daniel Thomson, Dr. Stanley Toussaint,* Dr. Richard Voet,* and Amy Wilson

DVD Series

“The Art of Marriage” from FamilyLife

Bryan Carter (MA/CE, 2009)
Dr. Michael Easley (ThM, 1985; DMin, 2003)
Dr. Dennis Rainey (MA[BS], 1976)

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