Robert Crummie speaking at a podium during DTS Chapel

Reverend Robert W. Crummie, DTS graduate, devoted member of the DTS Board of Regents and Board of the Incorporate Members, beloved pastor and college president, loving husband and father of two, and extraordinary leader and friend, unexpectedly passed away on Thursday, January 2, 2020.


A Memorial Service is scheduled for Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 7 PM at Carver University, 3870 Cascade Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30331.

In lieu of flowers, the family wishes donations be made to Carver College in honor of Rev. Crummie.

Memories of Rev. Crummie

Upon hearing of his passing, Dr. Mark L. Bailey, current president of DTS, wrote of Rev. Crummie:

Robert received his ThM from DTS in 1996, and I remember him as a fine student body president. He served faithfully on the Board of Incorporate Members for nine years. I got to see first-hand his transparency when he shared about his struggles honestly and yet appropriately. His commitment to Biblical authority was never an option for him. If God said it, he took it to the bank. Robert was also full of grace. He was always quick to encourage because he understood the pressures of leadership. His hospitality always stood out. He invited me to preach in his pulpit and hosted Barby and me in his home—which is a very special memory for us both. Our hearts grieve with the Crummie family at this great loss, but we also rely on the hope of the resurrection and seeing Robert again.

DTS classmate and friend, Dr. Paul Pettit (ThM, 1996; DMin, 2007) wrote:

Robert served as senior class president, and I was the senior class chaplain during our time at DTS. We were in tons of classes and meetings together, and we struggled through Greek, Hebrew, and all of the preaching courses together. [Robert] always had big plans and big dreams both for his family, his church, and Carver Bible College, where he served so faithfully these many years. When I talked to [him] two weeks ago, he was amped about his son playing college football, I could see the pride on a dad’s face. This isn’t ‘good bye’ this ‘I’ll catch you later, Robert . . . I’ll see you again.’ But, not yet—not yet, my friend. I’ll be along in a little while, but this is your Coronation Day.

DTS classmate and friend, Mr. DJ Chuang (ThM, 1995) recently shared:

Robert and I were both from the Washington, D. C. area and met a few months before starting seminary with great anticipation. Knowing we were on this journey together through seminary gave me much encouragement along the way. I’m very sad to hear of his passing. We grieve not as those without hope, and I sincerely pray for the Lord’s grace and strength upon—his family, church, and those he served at Carver—the so many lives he touched with the love of Christ and His word.

Life and Ministry

After graduating from DTS in 1996, Rev. Crummie accepted the invitation to serve as vice president of Carver College in Atlanta, Georgia. In May 2000 the Carver Board of Trustees elected him the fifth president of the college. He was licensed to preach by Dr. David Durham at Mount Sinai Baptist Church in Washington, D. C. and ordained to the gospel ministry by Dr. Tony Evans (ThM, 1976; ThD, 1982) at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas.

In 1998 Rev. Crummie was also elected pastor of the Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, in College Park, Georgia. His vision to “grow the church, to glorify God” expanded to the church ministries and membership. He loved his congregation dearly.

In addition to serving as president of Carver College and pastoring Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Crummie was a gifted preacher, speaker, and leader. His life vision was simply to go to heaven and take as many people with him as possible. Rev. Crummie loved to ride his motorcycles and play basketball. He is survived by his beloved wife, Dr. Carla Michelle, his son, Robert Wayne, II, and his daughter, Meagan Michelle.

Teaching and Legacy

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