Malachy Marie Williams (ThM, 2004) sat on a mountaintop overlooking the hazy Manhattan skyline. She had just graduated from DTS and moved back to the Northeast. She spoke to God about her work, her life, and her future. She desired to serve where He wanted, so she sought His direction. And the first of many calls came on that mountaintop—literally. Her phone rang.

Malachy’s sister was on the other end, and she asked Malachy to contact FOX5/My9. The television station had an open position, and Malachy’s former boss wanted to speak with her about it.

Malachy soon rejoined New York City’s duopoly FOX5/My9 full-time as sales promotions and marketing producer. She had worked at the station prior to her time at DTS, and the Lord opened the door again on her return. “Every day I walk into something different,” Malachy said.

Since rejoining, Malachy has come to manage many projects year-round, but the one requiring most of her time is the annual McDonald’s Gospelfest. This one-day event—full of Christian artists, speakers, and preachers—takes place in the Prudential Center, in the heart of Newark. The TV station supports the event both by promoting it throughout the year and by recording it, using a full production crew and multi-camera shoot. The station then edits the footage and broadcasts it. Malachy contributes to this process as the show’s lead broadcast producer.

On post-event day, Malachy receives an eight-hour director’s cut, which she and her editor sweat down to a forty-six-minute television show. This airs as a one-hour special across a three-state area, transmitting the gospel to New York City’s eight million citizens and far beyond. “When I’m in the edit room,” Malachy said, “I’m trying to bring integrity to the project as much as possible so it’s clear this is not just a commercial event. We do our best to make sure the gospel is clearly projected.”

As Malachy has diligently worked, people have taken notice—including McDonald’s. The nationwide food chain holds an annual commencement celebration for Black History Month. They recognize “Black Media Legends” in the tri-state area who’ve done outstanding work. And last year, alongside seventeen other such legends, Malachy was honored for her efforts.

“Of course I’m not a legend,” Malachy said. “I don’t know how I got in that lineup. We normally have people in front of the camera receiving these awards. It was a real surprise.” The award came with the honorees’ photos on tri-state area McDonald’s posters and tray liners for the entire month of February.

On Malachy’s return to New York, God did more than open the TV station door for her. Along with giving her the job at the TV station, God also called her to academia. “My friend was teaching in the certificate program at New York Seminary,” Malachy explained. “But she had to go on medical leave. She required a replacement and asked me.” Since then, Malachy has taught introductory theology, Christian education, and church history as an adjunct professor at the school. She dedicates her time in the classroom to steering students toward “loving God and loving truth.” She knows learning truth is a process, and she encourages her students to “stay close to God” in that process. She wants them to leave her classroom knowing more intimately that “it’s Jesus Christ who rules and reigns, and He’s the Lord of all.”

Since returning to the station and teaching at the seminary, yet another door has opened. Malachy has answered the call to serve as the associate minister of worship and the arts at her church. She saw a need, offered to help, and committed to serving in worship and the arts at First Baptist Church in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She believes people are made to worship God, and she has set out to facilitate that connection. Her senior pastor, Reverend Brown, said, “Malachy has such a love for God’s people.” Her pastor commends her faithfulness to them and commitment to the importance of worship. Each week, Malachy finds Scripture and hymns that assist people in authentically worshiping the Lord and seeing His truth. “Malachy helps members to be free,” Reverend Brown said. “Free to take on the posture that God has placed in their hearts to worship. She desires for people to worship in truth.”

Malachy said, “God’s the one we have to pursue, and it’s His truth we have to uphold.” As she has pursued Him, He has continued to call her—at the station, in the classroom, and in the church. And millions have benefited from her answer.

Following her graduation from DTS and a term on the adjunct faculty at Hunter College in New York City, Jill Noel Shreve (MA/CE, MA/MC, 2009) teaches American Literature and Composition at a private, college-prep school in south Dallas. You can read more about her at

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