To view donation opportunities and sign up to serve, please visit the OurCalling Thankgiving page. Students who are unavailable on Thanksgiving are encouraged to visit for additonal service opportunities.

This Thanksgiving, DTS is once again opening its facilities to host the annual meal for homeless men and women in the Dallas area, organized by OurCalling.

OurCalling was founded in 2001 by DTS grad and adjunct professor Wayne Walker (MA/CM, 2007) to address the spiritual needs of the homeless, needs that are often overshadowed by their obvious physical and mental needs. OurCalling focuses on evangelism and discipleship through meals, Bible studies, life skills classes, and one-on-one mentoring.

This year’s Thanksgiving dinner is expected to draw hundreds of men, women, and children without homes from around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The guests will be seated with host families in order to share a meal together. OurCalling will be distributing coats and blankets for the winter, serving a traditional Thanksgiving meal, hosting a time of worship, and enjoying the televised football games throughout the afternoon on Thursday, November 27, 2014.

Reflecting on past events, Walker commented that the meal “not only provides a great opportunity for outreach, it also let the guests feel like a part of a family again.” He added, “Many have not had a ‘family meal’ in years and it is an emotional day for everyone involved.”

If you are interested in helping OurCalling with this event, donations of blankets, coats, and financial support are welcome, but more importantly, volunteers are needed to set up, serve, distribute resources, and share Christ's love and pray with our homeless friends.