Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer
The capstone of Dr. Chafer's life and ministry as a musician, evangelist, and Bible conference speaker—in addition to founding and teaching theology at Dallas Seminary—was the publication of his eight-volume Systematic Theology, the last of his ten publications. In his life and ministry he stressed salvation by God's grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; the Holy Spirit's sealing, indwelling, and guiding of the believer through God's Word; and the intercession for and advocacy of the believer by the ascended Christ before the Father's throne. He climaxed his ministry of grace with emphasis on Christ's pretribulational translation and glorification of His church. Dr. Chafer's presence was a benediction to his students.

Dr. John F. Walvoord
Dr. Chafer's choice of Dr. Walvoord, his protégé and associate since 1935, to be his successor as president of Dallas Seminary was confirmed by the Board of Incorporate Members soon after Dr. Chafer's death. In addition to his outstanding administrative skills Dr. Walvoord is a leading dispensational, premillennial theologian. He is author and editor of more than thirty biblical and theological works, many in prophetic studies. He served on the faculty of the seminary for fifty years, and he was president for thirty-three of those years. As chancellor and professor of systematic theology, he still contributes to Dallas Seminary and the worldwide scene.

Dr. Donald K. Campbell
Dr. Campbell demonstrated his qualification to serve as president of Dallas Seminary not only by his excellent teaching skill in the Bible Exposition Department but also by serving for many years as academic dean and Dr. Walvoord's assistant. Like Drs. Chafer and Walvoord, he served for some years as a pastor and is in demand as a Bible conference speaker. He is the author or editor of seven books and numerous journal and magazine articles. He was president of the seminary from 1986 to 1994. He continues to serve Dallas Seminary as President Emeritus.

Dr. Charles R. Swindoll
Dr. Charles (Chuck) Swindoll epitomizes the trained, productive Dallas Seminary graduate. He is an effective communicator of God's Word, a friendly, warmhearted pastor, and an inspiring leader. He was installed as president of Dallas Seminary in 1994 after serving for twenty-three years as senior pastor of the First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, Callifornia. He is well known for his radio  messages, which air worldwide through the ministry of Insight for Living, of which he is founder and chairman. His personal appearances and his more than fifty authored and edited books round out a ministry that continues to shape contemporary Christianity. He served as president of DTS until May of 2001. He now serves Dallas Seminary as Chancellor in addition to continuing his pastorate and his radio ministry.