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When Your Family Doesn’t Believe

Got a Skeptical Family Member? Don’t Give Up on Them!

Can you think of a skeptical family member who seems like the last person who would ever follow Jesus? Don’t give up on them!  Pray for them every day. Although it might seem like others respond more quickly to the gospel than your family, we rarely get a see the big picture of someone’s spiritual journey.

In this video clip, former atheist and The Case for Christ author Lee Strobel shares how his wife had faithfully prayed for him during his investigation into the evidence for the truth of Christianity.

This clip was taken from The Table Conference. Order the complete event here.

Mikel Del Rosario
Mikel Del Rosario is a doctoral student in New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, Project Manager for Cultural Engagement at the Hendricks Center, and Adjunct Professor of Apologetics and World Religion at William Jessup University. Mikel co-authors The Table Briefing articles for Bibliotheca Sacra, manages the Table Podcast, and helps Christians defend the faith with courage and compassion though his apologetics ministry. He holds a Master of Theology (ThM) from DTS and an MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola University.
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